Checks n Curves 26" x 21"


Shipping to United States: $38.09

Often I wake up in the morning with my head full of ideas for new artworks. I take out my sketchpad and start drawing, just letting the lines flow and take shape. I have my color pencils ready and begin coloring in the forms. I might start with something square and by adding flowing shapes I bring a different energy to the design. If you look closely you can see the square form that I began with. As I color in the fields I see what works together and emphasize a certain color combination. Periwinkle and purples with some accents of turquoise and black complete the overall design. Next I choose the fabrics and here I have incorporated my hand painted with commercial cottons. Using various ribbons I sewed the pieces together, adding many embellishments as well. The checkered theme dominates both in the fabric choices and the ribbons. A black border frames the image nicely.

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