Ferns 21" x 21"


Shipping to United States: $38.09

I had a striking hand-painted piece that I didn’t know what to do with. Should I just embroider, and free form quilt it or embellish it or? This is one of the challenges with my painted cottons. Sometimes they’re so striking that doing anything with them takes away from the colors and the design. So, what to do? Then I remembered the burgundy red fiber paper I had used on another piece (Architecture in Oceanside) and found that the same red would work with this fabric. Before I would start putting various design elements together, I decided to sew and fold together the painted images to see what would happen. I also had some printed fabric of my fern plant which reflected a lovely green to go with the reds. I fused the ferns to the background, then I cut out the fiber paper in circular strips which really gave the whole design a tremendous energy and flow. Now I was happy and somewhat amazed at the effect of combining the various elements into a striking and pleasing design.

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