Waves of Bargello 33" x 31"


Shipping to United States: $37.38

When I came across some embroidery done in bargello, I thought that it might be interesting to do the same in fabrics. But how? Luckily, I belonged to a Quilting Guild and there was someone who had come across the technique for doing bargello in fabric. So, I went to work. First, choose the colors, then draw up a design, then cut strips in various widths which you then sew together into one piece. There’s a challenge to cut the new strips which are then sewn together to form the zigzag design. And, the final step is to sew all the design strips together carefully in order to get the right effect. I understand that there’s a Palace de Bargello in Florence, Italy, with a wonderful art collection. Perhaps I can go and visit some day.

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