Orange Lily 16" x 18"


Shipping to United States: $38.09

It’s great being in a quilting group, art quilters or traditional sewers, because you know that you will always get positive suggestions and help with fabric selection for projects. I started an Art Quilters’ group some time in 2002, I think. Even though the members come and go, the spirit of being there for each other remains. Even after I moved across the globe, I’ve been in touch and to meetings whenever visiting the area. On one such occasion, I needed to find some additional fabric for a challenge for an upcoming exhibition. I turned to my group for help, went over to a member’s house, looked through her fabric stash and scraps. Sure enough, I found a piece with orange flowers that might look pretty good on my blue, green and beige background. The reason the orange lily is so striking is because it’s a very unexpected modern graphic visual fused onto a very traditional floral quilt background.

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