• Katrina Sjoberg

Flower Power

My summer job with my Mom selling flowers in the market square continued for quite a few years. I think she stopped the summer job because she got a full-time job as a sales lady in our very new department store called Centrum (that building was torn down last summer). I also worked there almost every summer and holidays, learning very early that it was very nice to have my own money that I could spend any way I wanted.

My love for flowers of all kinds continued for many years, but I mainly focused on indoor plants that I tried to grow in the darkness of winter. I just remember that we had a huge palm in our living room and sometimes I wonder where on earth that came from. No one had anything like it here in their homes in the 1950´s and 60´s.

During my teenage years my attention went to our striking Marimekko fabric designs. Who can forget Unikko? That´s a design that has endured and has been reproduced in new versions and color combinations many times over the years. Along with Iittala glas, Finnish glass artists, and Hackman tableware, I was constantly exposed to beautiful and functional design. My American friends (I lived in the U.S. for many years) used to say that I have such good taste with everything. Maybe that´s why?

Next week I will tell you how my love for flowers and floral fabrics shows up in my art quilts.

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